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I teach both on a one-to-one basis and in groups. People come claiming to have no ability or talent at all, and they leave with massive smiles on their faces and proof that they can do it! It's a real privilege for me to see the transformation and at the same time, get to have fun with everyone in the class. 

I'll teach people how to cover and decorate cakes, achieving those sharp edges that everyone wants. When I'm teaching groups, we mainly focus on decorating cupcakes. The group classes are usually held at Christmas, Easter or Hallowe'en. 

What happens at a teaching session?

Have you always wanted to get those razor-sharp corners on a cake but never known where to even start? Or how about wanting to amaze your friends and families with a set of novelty Christmas, Easter or even Hallowe'en cupcakes? Well now, it's easy to do. 

I try to keep groups small, not least because I can't fit many people around my dining room table! But more practically, this means that I can spend more time with you, helping you and showing you what to do. These sessions (particularly the cupcake sessions) make a fun evening for a group of friends to come along to, together. And better still, whatever you make, you get to take them away with you at the end! 

I will have made the cupcakes themselves before you arrive. Everyone will have all the tools that they need and won't need to share many things. They will normally take around 3 hours, I'll supply all the tea, coffee or hot chocolate that you can drink (and you're free to bring something else if you wish!). 



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Learn how to make sharp edges on cakes using ganache

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Christmas Chocolate Orange Gonk

Decorating vintage cupcakes

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